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Messing with the Fudge bunny!

Someone suggested on the fudgecommunity that Fudge should have a mascot, specifically a rabbit. So I did some sketchs during the weekend: Related Posts:More Fudge Rabbits: Cthulhu, Pink Ninja and Spy-ishFinal renderings and access to an A3 scanner!New Lost Heroes Image: Renegade Chosen MatthewSome new art work: Meave and Dead EyesI’m back two weeks already? […]

So last night I didn’t write anything

Nothing at all. Not one typed letter.  Of course, that doesn’t particularly sound impressive but I only realised today that I have managed to spend at least 10 minutes (if not up to an hour) writing every evening, after the kids are in bed, since coming back from my holidays in August. That’s pretty good […]

On the other side of the FudgeList…

There is currently such a change in the Fudge community. After the FudgeList shut down I was expecting a period of quiet and apathy before something started off. I couldn’t be more wrong. Looks like we may finally shake off that “Drudge” misconception! Ann Dupius of Grey Ghosts setup this yahoo community: fudgecommunity and it’s […]

The FudgeList is dead, long live Fudge

phoenyx.net are finally closing it down. Unlike the last time I said the Fudge is dead, this time it’s official. The FudgeList will be gone by August 26 (archives will still be available). I think perhaps in the long term this will be a good thing (for many reasons that I’m uncomfortable saying in public). […]

The Big-Pile-Of-Skills problem

I’ve been struggling with a roleplaying-gaming design issue. It’s probably just my own pet-hate. It’s something I call the “Big Pile of Skills” problem. When creating a roleplaying character, there is nearly always a section on “Skills”. Most of the time you can choose any Skill you like and invest points into them. Some systems have some concept of grouping Skills like D&D’s Class system and Riddle of Steel’s Skill Packets. But most of the modern day systems I’ve played just […]

Fudge Passions v0.2 (a extension for the Fudge RPG system)

Continuing on from Story Hooks, this is the second part of item 8 of the L___ H_____ system. Update #1: Fudge Passions by Mark Cunningham is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Fudge Passions v2.0 Fudge Passions was originally conceived as a way to link a character’s emotional state to other parts […]

Story Hooks v0.2 (a roleplaying system to replace backgrounds)

Part 1 of to do item: number 8. Part 2, Fudge Passions, will be online soon. Update #1: Story Hooks by Mark Cunningham is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Story Hooks v2.0 Story Hooks is a system I created to replace the creation and management of players’ characters’ histories (see here […]

TDO Combat Fudge v0.1.1 – The Blog Cut

This is a cut down version of TDO Combat Fudge v0.1 (a game system for roleplaying “combat”): Just the rules, zero explanations, zero context and zero examples. As requested, to make it more blog-digestable. The scope of this Fudge build is very specific. It only applies to combat (or drama in social context). It doesn’t […]

TDO Combat Fudge v0.1

An Example Fudge Implementation of “Combat Profiles” If you don’t have time to read all this, then check out the cut-down version v0.1.1! What started as some rough ideas and thoughts on the combat experience in roleplaying games, developed in a kind of simplistic theory I called “Combat Profiles”. After some discussion, I put together this system as an example of using these concepts. In fact, putting together this […]

Blogging, Roleplaying and other wonderful time wasters!

I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like. It’s certainly not from lack of material but simply time-constraints. Such is the life of a working father. I do have a narrow bandwidth to work on personal projects (i.e. not work or family) and recently that has been consumed by my Fudge Reboot work […]