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3 weeks of holidays isn’t enough!

And the rain this morning really tops it off.  I’ve spent the last two days going through all my emails, forum posts, web feeds and blog comments and I’m dozzed out with info overload. It really feels like I haven’t been away now at all, ack! I didn’t do an inch of coding while on […]

Support for TDO Mini Forms will be quiet till August…

… because I’m going on holidays! Unfortunately I’ve heard that WordPress 2.6 will be out very soon and I haven’t prepared for it. I’m aware of the changes but I haven’t setup a 2.6 test bed to do the work. So please be careful about upgrading, as soon as I get back it’ll be one […]

Drawing while on holidays in Chargey

There is simply something cool about having a hobby that requires you to use tools and to take care of those tools. I know roleplaying has ten-side dice and big fancy cool books, but it’s just not the same. I understand now how fishing can be enjoyable without actually catching anything. I found myself getting all […]