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rbFriends (beta 4)

rbFriends is a small utility to tell you who’s logged on to redbrick. This is a little app will tell you whos logged into redbrick and send alerts when your friends log in or out. For more information check out the README. Related Posts:HeyMessenger PrototypeA new look for thedeadone.netPhew! Made it!thedeadone.net is back!Maybe not the […]

HeyMessenger Prototype

HeyMessenger Prototype is a proof-of-concept application, inspired by messenging tools such as AOL, Yahoo and MSN. Hey messages are messages sent by using the hey command on networked server from one user to another. This application provides a frontend to sending and recieving Hey messages without opening and managing a shell. Specifically on Redbrick. Related […]

Myth Maker (0.0.6)

Myth Maker is a Character Sheet Editor for Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games. It uses Java and XML technologies. The character sheets are very close to the original published character sheets. New character sheets can be added by using XML scripts. You can edit, save and print the character sheets, modify values etc. Version 0.0.6 […]


SimUniversity was my final year project for Computer Apps in DCU. It’s a simulation of a University using a mathamatical model and a simple GUI frontend. It was inspired by the line of Sim computer games. It was devolped using Object Oriented Techniques (UML) in Java. Related Posts:TankStormMaybe not the end of an era, but […]


TankStorm was my third year project for Computer Apps in DCU. It was devolped with Mark Greene. It is an Applet game where you control a tank and it’s turret and must battle to the end of the single level. Our examiners thought it was very good at the time (but that was a while […]


TamaOO is a Java Tamagothci! I found it on my hard disk when I was cleaning out some of my archives. It was for an Object Oriented project to demostrate Object Orientation. Related Posts:My daughter wants to be a Ninja!More Alice quotesMore Wisdom from a ToddlerThe Dinosaur TeapartyCapturing stars with an umbrella