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A Change

If you happen to be reading this in something other than a browser you probably can’t see the photo to the left. Hell, it’s possible you’re reading this with the HTML removed! Anyway, it’s meant to be a photo of the keys to our new house. Related Posts:Did anyone else watch the Lunar Eclipse last […]

What a few days…

We moved on Friday. This should be good news. Except Alice, our baby girl, got sick. Doctor late on Friday and then on Saturday spending more than a few hours in Crumlin Children’s Hospital. At the same time we’re meant to be unpacking and getting ready to go to France. Another very scary moment on […]

Ah crap

By now we are meant to have moved in to our new place. By now the kitchean appliances, tiles and flooring should have been delievered. By now we should have ordered the curtains… Well, eh, we’re still living in the Tramyards. Everything is packed, ready to go. We just dont’ know when. It was stressful […]

All systems go!

We’re moving. Or we will be moving. We sold our place about two weeks ago (yea!) and last weekend, we put down an offer on a three bedroom house in Kilcock in a new estate called Brayton Park. It was all kind of last minute really, we got an offer of a cancellation (most of […]

All is Good!

I must apoligise for not providing an update in so long. The last news I gave was well before Alice was born and now Alice is three months old! Things are good. Not perfect but who wants perfect? Alice, our precious little daughter, has got wonderful red-hair, falls asleep when I read her Cat in […]

MTs BerkleyDB on Redbrick, DG836G and Corrupt Firmware Updates and Selling House

Sorry for the lack of news and updates. There are many reasons. I could blame Redbrick for moving their web services from Prodigy to Deathray. I use Movable Type for my webpage and I’m using, still, BerkleyDB instead of SQL. This broke, of course, moving from the two different machines. The standard solution from MovableType […]