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Evidence of Occult activity in Dublin!

I managed to take this photo of a strange occult ritual being performed in Dublin. Whats worse several Redbrick members were involved; duke, tomo, dshagins, dimples, p zircon and grimnar… I overheard mention of werewolves. We’re they trying to summon such a monster? Related Posts:Redbrick has an army?Alice the Rabbit goes into the Farmer’s HouseMaybe […]

Project Free Brick?

Nearly a year ago (maybe even longer) I had a discussion with another Redbrick member: Duke. Even though we had completely different view points, we still wanted to talk about certain topics without having to defend our opinions. I mean he is a scientist very much so, while I’ve been called a “New Age Freak” […]

The Occult is Dead!

I’m going to be getting rid of the redbrick ‘occult’ wiki that I’ve been running. It’s been for 16 months but there is absolutly no content besides my own and it was serving no function for me. But, it still had some links I’d like to preserve so I’ve created a mirror of it which […]