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Check Item #1… 7 more to go…

Item one complete. You can grab a copy of the latest TDO-Forum v0.3 here. It’s compatible with WordPress 2.5 and all that. Enjoy. Upgrade and add some features to TDO-Forum for WP2.5 Test and Upgrade the Theme I’m currently using for WP2.5 Create a merge of TDO-Forum and my current custom Theme (for the forums) […]

TDO Forum WordPress Theme (v3)

This theme turns your WordPress blog into a Forum! Download it now! Related Posts:Check Item #1… 7 more to go…Arg, how I hate Internet Explorer!Want to add a Forum to your Wordpress Blog? Use TDO-Forum!TDO-Forum has been digged and wired. Should I worry?Use Wordpress as a Forum (powered by TDOMF)!

Want to add a Forum to your WordPress Blog? Use TDO-Forum!

Thanks to the wp-hackers list I came across a plugin called Slave Me WordPress. It allows you to use the user tables from one WordPress install in another install. So you can add a second blog to your website but keep the same user logins. Using this plugin, you can use TDO Forum to add a […]

TDO-Forum has been digged and wired. Should I worry?

I’ve just seen that TDO-Forum has been mentioned on one of Wired’s blogs: monkeybites and it’s been submitted to digg. It’s only got 5 votes, no sudden digg-effect is going to hit thedeadone.net. However TDO Mini-Forms has been around much longer and only recently got digged and is only up to 3 votes as of […]

Use WordPress as a Forum (powered by TDOMF)!

I’ve created a WordPress Theme that turns WordPress into a pretty powerful forum! You can see it in action here (please check it out and tell me what you think!) It is currently using my TDO Mini Forms plugin to allow visitors start new topics without being turned into full-blown authors. It works by treating […]