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Blame it on the Quantum!

“Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the boogie, don’t blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the quantum…” Doesn’t really rhythm does it? I picked up three books to read over the holiday season seeing I was going to be away from home for the period. One was a space […]

Why try new software?

I’ve been thinking on why people need to upgrade or change to new pieces of software. It’s just a cobbling together of some thoughts and offers no conclusions. Related Posts:The value of presentation continuedFuck content, it’s how it’s presented that mattersMy Three Axioms of Not Being a Dick that DiscriminatesMy thoughts on the new Doctor […]

Types of Evidence

Some of the recent discussions on the board and other chats I’ve had, started to make me think about ‘evidence’ in general. I started to categories evidence into ‘levels’, level 0 being the currently most objective evidence. This is different from implications of evidence but it seems to map nicely to applications of evidence. Related […]

Obligatory post on the Invasion/War!

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. Mainly due to the fact that I would have to say something about the war. I don’t want to be labelled pro-Saddam, pro-sanctions or anti-American (or “unpatriotic” if I was American but I’m not) because I’m none of those. I don’t’ have a full picture of the […]

Random Site Thoughts

I haven’t really done any new content for the site in ages. This is due for the most part because I have been updating Murder of Crows Blog which is a collabroate webage for my regular PnP RPG troupe. Added lots of functionality and features like a random quote, search engine and email subscribtion for […]