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What happened? I don’t like tea any more!

How strange my mind-body works. Last week I got a bit of tummy bug involving fever and running to the toilet a lot. So over 4 days I reduced my diet to lots of water and just dry food in the hopes of starving off the bug. By Sunday evening I was starting to eat […]

Torchwood’s Captain Jack Harness releases a music video!

One of the most disturbing things to do when stuck at home sick is to watch day-time TV… and so it happens that I came across John Borrowman’s music video. John plays Captain Jack Harness from Torchwood. Avert your eyes now! Related Posts:TV and me so far in 2009What happened? I don’t like tea any […]

Dreamed about coding last night and found (and solved) a bug!

Last night, I didn’t sleep well. The recent changeable weather has given me a rather nasty chesty cough. My eyes are sore, I’m tired and flushed the whole time. The kids and my wife are all suffering too and there is nothing besides cough syrups and rest for it (and as parents you’re never really […]