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Check Item #2 and 4… about 6 more to go…

Okay, so I managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.5. Not as easy as I thought. I also had to patch WP 2.5 to work on Redbrick as several features don’t work out the box and it’s still messy if your using a virtual host (like me). The livejournal-crossposter and Slave Me 2 WordPress plugins both […]

Check Item #1… 7 more to go…

Item one complete. You can grab a copy of the latest TDO-Forum v0.3 here. It’s compatible with WordPress 2.5 and all that. Enjoy. Upgrade and add some features to TDO-Forum for WP2.5 Test and Upgrade the Theme I’m currently using for WP2.5 Create a merge of TDO-Forum and my current custom Theme (for the forums) […]

I am getting lost in upgrading…

I had a great blog post in mind and I couldn’t arsed to write it up properly. I have no idea what’s up with me. I’m currently swallowed by this WordPress 2.5 upgrade and I have code on the brain and I think it has become hard to disengage from that and just get back to the simple […]

TDO Mini Forms for WordPress 2.5: 0.10.2

I made version 0.10.2 of TDO Mini Forms avaliable yesterday. The main purpose of this release is to make TDO Mini Forms compatible with WordPress 2.5. You can download it from the usual place. Fixed a bug if you reload the image capatcha, it would not longer verify Added a flag TDOMF_HIDE_REGISTER_GLOBAL_ERROR in tdomf.php that can be set to true to hide the […]

Update on TDO Mini Forms migration to WordPress 2.5

Thanks to those who donated! Much appreciated. As it turns out the migration is going a lot easier than I had anticipated. Functionally TDO Mini Forms works fine under WordPress 2.5 but much of the admin backend was screwed up. The Form Widgets screen is broken The main TDOMF page is messed up The TDOMF […]