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Update on TDO Mini Forms

I’ve been working on the next version of TDO Mini Forms and the first thing I’ve done is make sure that it works with WordPress 2.7. And it does, the only change is some formatting on the admin menus. Along with the usual bunch of bug fixes, I’ve implemented new form access options. In the […]

Some fun with Planet Irish Gaming

So I’ve been doing some hacking for and analysis of Planet Irish Gaming and I’ve added one new feed and welcomed back another. Using the power of python, I wrote a site scraping script that generates a feed of LiveJournal blogs that are members of the irishgaming LiveJournal blog i.e. an RSS feed of the friends page. […]

ReCaptcha, Excerpts, Comment Management and Default Tags! Here is version 0.12.5 of TDO-Mini-Forms

Version 0.12.5 of the my WordPress plugin TDO-Mini-Forms has just been made available. (It may just take a few minutes as I’ve just committed to the WordPress.org SVN). This version adds four new widgets: An Excerpt Widget – allows submitters to supply their own excerpt Comments Management Widget – enable/disable comments and pings for posts […]

TDOMF: Official Release 0.12.4

I was planning on holding off on this release and get all the necessary “fixes” and “small improvements” done but I think it’s worth releasing what I’ve fixes so far (because there is quite a lot of them), so here is v0.12.4 of TDO Mini Forms from WordPress.org. (You’ll be able to update automatically from […]

Status of TDO-Mini-Forms

I managed to get through all the support requests on the local forums and on wordpress.org with regards the TDO Mini Forms plugin. So along with that and what I had planned it seems I have my work cut out for me. The good news is that TDOMF required no updates for WordPress 2.6.x. Related […]

Modifying the WordPress query in your theme without breaking plugins

In the WordPress codex, it explains how to modify what posts are in the loop by modifying the WordPress Query object. However there is a catch with this, because by using rewind_posts() for example, you are generating a brand new query to the database that doesn’t trigger plugins. Specifically this came up when creating the […]

So, em, TDO Mini Forms… how have you been?

I have to apologise. When I saw that TDO Mini Forms was working fine in WordPress 2.6, I kind of left it alone since coming back from the holidays. I’ve been spending my coding time on a new theme for thedeadone.net (enough of it is finished that its good enough to use), which isn’t that […]

Arg, how I hate Internet Explorer!

I don’t pretend to be a great web designer or programmer. Most of the stuff I do is really just tinkering and as part of that I decided it was time to create a new look for thedeadone.net, which involves creating a new “Theme” for WordPress. About a week ago, I got the theme up […]

A new look for thedeadone.net

I’ve been working on a new theme for thedeadone.net for a little while now. The functionality is about 90% there. The layout is 99% done. But there is about 50% more to go. I have to choose colours and modify the layout with icons and images to make it “pretty”. I also need to make […]

Making the content field WYSIWYG in TDO Mini Forms (using TinyMCE)

It’s becoming a common query about how to make the content field in a TDO Mini Forms WYSIWYG (“What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get”). A WYSIWYG editor is where you see that your input is bold when you set it to bold, instead of seeing it plain with bold tags around the text. This tutorial will run you through quickly […]