A christmass gift to all TDO-Mini-Form users!

Yep.  A new version for you all. A new permalink widget, integration with Geo Mashup plugin (for all your geo-positioning needs), enhanced user permissions and some 2.7 testing. You should be able to get it shortly from wordpress.org or via the new plugin update system in 2.7.

I won’t be around for Christmass/New Year so they’ll be no support really for bugs and fixes.

My original intention was that the next release of TDO Mini Forms would include post editing. I’m afraid this isn’t going to manifest till the new year. I wanted to do some intial ground work by adding the enhanced user permissions and creating a widget class (which was used to create the two new widgets in this release) first but when I had done that I started to procrastinate just a tiny bit and when I procrastinated, I ended up bug fixed or add the new widgets so I don’t think it was time wasted!

Lots of bugs got fixed: slashes in posts, breaking comments, errors during upload, ‘0’ not being accepted in text fields as valid values, slow loading of admin menus when you have too many users, recaptcha not working in AJAX mode and a few more other little things.

The new widget Permalink allows you to let users set a different permalink for the post. This allows you to let users submit links that when a user clicks on the post, they’ll be redirected to the URL. The Geo Mashup integration widget is based on the original hack of hitekhomeless and its something people have been asking for a while now. It seems to work fine on my test setup (but there are some minor display issues if using a heavily customised theme).

Also, I’ve created a Widget class. If you’re not into code don’t worry - if you are, I hope in the new year to write up a very simple tutorial on how to create your own widgets to add some fields to the form and process them after submission. The new widget class really simplifies it.

And yes. TDO-Mini-Forms is compatible with 2.7 and I’ve now updated the info on wordpress.org to reflect this.

So enjoy and have a Merry Christmass.

Don’t forget, this plugin is free, however if you found it useful you can show your appreciation via a small donation, buying me a book or giving this plugin a high rating on wordpress.org!

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