Apparently I’ve become a morning person…

Apparently I’ve become a morning person. This is something has crept up on me. It certainly wasn’t intentional.

The New York Times has this quiz that determines if you are morning or night person. I got about 21 on the scale. I wake at 6am, every morning, even on weekends. When I get the chance to sleep in, I often still wake up automatically at 6am and then fall back a sleep. It sort sucks. I often get sleepy at 10pm.

The thing is I wasn’t or never really considered myself a morning person. At least in college I used to code well into the night on projects, but these days going past midnight is a big deal. Now my best time is morning time and pre-lunch. This time is nearly completely monopolised by work and on the weekend by the kids.

Which leaves me feeling frustrated when I try to do some of my own projects in the evening. I only get a small window, once the kids are sleep where I can totally focus on my own stuff. I wouldn’t mind being a morning person if I got an hour to myself every morning, but with kids you don’t.

Becoming a night owl isn’t the answer either. I think ultimately – I need more sleep. My, look at the time! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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