Back from Warpcon 2003!

And what fun it was! :) It was my first time at Warpcon and I didn’t know what to expect but the small sized nature of the con was wonderful. Every game was a laugh even if the GM got confused about the scenario or the plot got lost somewhere between the Underground and London Zoo.

The best thing (for me) was that my Scenario (Reboot) was a small success. When I first saw the timetable I saw it was competing against Buffy RPG and I was terrible daunted but in the end we had two tables of four players. Unfortunately one of my players arrived and then fell asleep even before we began and didn’t wake up till the end. Still the players enjoyed it and really liked the idea! :)

[Which also means I can now release my Reboot scenario to the larger public!]

On top of that I managed to get all the rpg books I was after… original Call of Cthulhu, 2nd Ed. Changeling and by a sweet stroke of luck castle of falkenstien (hardback to boot as well). Me spent lots but was well worth it!

I really liked the small nature of Warpcon. I only really know Gaelcon in comparison and it was nice to see the same ppl at games.

Thumbs up to the Warpcon orgainsers and thanks for running my sceanrio! :)

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