Forgetting about it and moving on!

You probably don’t know this about me, you probably don’t care, but I don’t like gangster movies. I’m not saying I think gangster movies are bad movies at all and I really shouldn’t have to say that either. It’s just my simple opinion, which is generally meaningless in the sea of opinionated blogs.

Now if I said I’ve never watched the Godfather and really am not bother to do so, what do you think now? I mean, I said I don’t like gangster movies, but now we’re talking about the Godfather. A modern classic. I said I didn’t like gangster movies, I’m not interested in them. You probably think I’m weird but hope you would leave at that. My tastes do not mean the Godfather is a bad movie, I suspect it’s great movie. And certainly Francis Ford Coppola wouldn’t give a crap about my online opinion. (BTW I loved Apocalypse Now).

I generally try to keep the inflammatory stuff to a minimum, I don’t have the energy to exercise on flames and trolls and it does tend to burn my sanity. And if possible, forget about it and move on. Patrick of SinisterForces blog decided to post about it and forget that way. Each to his own. But which provoked me to write this post…


Part of what he’s complaining about was because of the reaction his blog post and  my comment on it caused. Both of us were just sharing our tastes, not criticising any particular product or the people who make them. I think Patrick got the brunt of the mini-twitter-shit-storm, simply because he was online at the time. I was sick in bed and only got it hours later, where it seemed to have already burned itself out. I made the mistake of reading back through it when I did get back online and it didn’t make me happy. Normally I just “walk away” as defending or justifying yourself and throwing accusations only makes the matter worse and lowers you. And really, in the big picture, it’s only a blip. But it’s hard to hold back or divert the web-fury anger that this sort of thing creates.

All I can say is, please remember that the internet is a public place and saying something in a public forum like a blog or the comments on a blog, or on twitter etc. can be read by anyone. I’ve certainly learned this, because I thought only Patrick and few others would have read my comment. It again has re-enforced the idea that you have to be careful what you say. I don’t hold anyone to blame or have any grudges against anyone (and hope the same is true of anyone that knows me). But sadly, it adds a few things to the list of things I won’t enter into discussion of when online. In the end it’s destructive to the (roleplaying) hobby.

(For those who need a little context, here is the original blog post on, my comment is still there for the moment: Why Haven’t I Bought The Dresden Files RPG Yet?).

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