I’ve found a replacement for Forever Knight!

(dubnordie will like this!) Since moving into our new house, we’ve got ourselves one of those Sky+ boxes and a Sky subscription to, well, way too many channels. Most of them are utter rubbish. However… there is a channel called “Zone Horror” and they show a Vampire series called “Vampire High” and thanks to the ease of recording, I watched a few episodes!

It’s about as bad as the 90s Vampire series Forever Knight… which makes it very good! :) I haven’t googled it yet, I don’t want to. I don’t want to know it’s been canned or that there are only one or two seasons. Ignorance is bliss they say.

Each episode is only 30 minutes long, which probably makes it more delicious for it’s bite-size delight. The back-story is a little vague, the elders put some young vampires under the guidance of head-master Dr. Murdock whose job is to humanise them. An experiment that must be kept secret from the “furies”. Anyway, it’s a bunch of Vampires, with all the funky powers and weakness and dress sense living in the basement of a boarding school.

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