Oh what is the internet coming to!

I know I bullshit a bit (okay a lot). I mean that’s part of the fun of this blog-conversation-web2.0-social-networks isn’t? But I don’t see how it affects my intelligence or performance in bed? Do you?

LAW of BULLSHIT BLOGGER IDIOCY: The more dumbasses that get on the internet, and then create their own blogs like “thedeadone.net” and then go around judging things, some of which they haven’t even watched, and then type a bunch of bullshit onto their blog and onto the internet thinking that everyone else can’t see right through it, the more the dead one blogger bullshit factor increases.

Corollary: A blogger’s bullshit factor increases, as his IQ decreases. And is proportional to the amount of bullshit they repost in their own blog that they got from reading some other bullshit blog on the web and thinking that if somebody posted it on theirs, then it must be true, when in actuality, it’s simply geometrically spreading blog bullshit like thedeadone here by idiot blogsters sitting at home in their old underpants who dont know wtf they are talking about.

Probability of thedeadone blogster being an idiot and that his wife gets bored with his own lack of plot in the bedroom within about 2 minutes, an apparent certainty.

This lovely piece of constructive criticism comes from a “Randall Brougham, Ph.D.” I assume the Ph.D. is important here. (The original comment here). Perhaps he felt the need to indicate that he’s educated. Certainly I found no grammar or spelling mistakes in his comment, which is impressive for a troll.

I know I should just laugh about this, delete the comment and move on but I didn’t. It upset me, left me annoyed for the rest of the day. I followed up the comment, but the guy is probably troll so I don’t expect a response. He left his email and I’ve very tempted to contact him directly, however I’m also tempted to just ban his IP. I did some sniffing but I couldn’t find anything on google about this “Randall Brougham, Ph.D”, not even where he found the post (I checked my logs). It reads a little like a bot but his insults directly use the content of the post, so it’s not.

I’ve been trying to find the right analogy to sum up how it felt. It’s like a stranger hears your conversation in a public place and then decides to shout insults at you for five minutes before running off and not giving you the chance to respond. I did briefly pull the post, but then, part of me said, no, fuck Randal Brougham, Ph.D., I can’t let the trolls win. Even if Randal Brougham, Ph.D. is just some random asshole and it means nothing, its still disturbing to think that some stranger that I’ve never meet or talked to can be so venomous towards you.

This is my reply comment, in case he comes back here some day.

Hi Randall Brougham, Ph.D., thank you for your comment and I will now avoid bullshitting and having opinions and displaying those opinions online. From now I will just write about the pretty little flowers I drew, the new wordpress plugin I wrote or my new baby.

Come on! Yes it’s a little bullshitty. Writing one’s thoughts is mostly an act of bullshit. I obviously hit a nerve but you don’t really elaborate on why, instead you just call me stupid and impotent. How witty of you to rip through my bullshit with such an insult. Seriously, I can just delete your comment now and ban your IP but why bother? The probability is that your just a troll who has some issue with bloggers in general. And if you do reply, I hope you actually say something instead of being offensive.

Yes, I haven’t read Harry Potter and I’ve haven’t seen all of Lost. I’m not even saying that they are crap, only that my perception of them diminishes over time despite how good they are.

And also, this bullshit is mine alone, thankfully. I’m not re-posting it from somewhere else. I doubt anyone else will re-post it either. Cartographer was talking about her feelings about the current Harry Potter and how her view of a good novel has changed from when she was a teenager. The whole of this post is in relation to my view.

Thanks for your attention.

Update (24/08/2007 9am): Google seems to like me. Within a few minutes of this post, I did a new search for Randal Brougham, Ph.D (the troll). Look what hits the number 1 spot:

So if anyone does a search for Randal Brougham, Ph.D. They’ll find this post calling him out as a troll. It was unintentional. I wonder did he really use his real name?

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