Working on a Taxonomy Widget for TDO Mini Forms

I started looking at Elio’s patch for supporting custom Taxonomies with a view of rolling them into the core of TDO Mini Forms. But looking at a little further, I figured it would be better to create a new widget rather than modify the Categories widget.

A new clean widget that properly supported taxonomies would be better and I’ve started work on it, basing it on Elio’s changes. Unfortunately it’s slow going here. I have the basic widget options figured out:


But now I have to implement all the logic underneath, mix together both tag behaviour and category behaviour, build a way to hack it in the form hacker and then test it as much as possible.

That while not having a decent development environment at home and limited bandwidth to work on it during lunchtime at work (if at all). But I’ll post on twitter when I make progress. Don’t ask when it’ll be done, it’ll be done when it’ll be done.

But, when finished, you’ll be able to use any taxonomy, including tags and categories and including your own custom taxonomies, display them in a list, drop-down, tag cloud, sorted by name or number of posts, set defaults, filter, etc.

I haven’t looked at Custom Page types yet though I have read up on them. But that will be another for another day I think.

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