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I’m back two weeks already? My my my…

Two weeks on and I’m still lacking much motivation. Things are getting up to speed though, shortly my daughter will be going back to school signifying the end of the summer and the routine will dramatically change again and in work, all our customers have returned from their holidays and have started dumping crap on […]

My first thoughts on using charcoal

So over the holiday I got to some drawing. The big thing really was that I started to use charcoal, not a major step but something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. But I started with a simple tonal study, to get my eye and hands back into the swing of it […]

More drawings from Chargey

After doing drawing exercises on texture, I felt inspired to draw, just for drawing. My daughter and her cousin both have a “Kaloo”, a brand teddy bear that has a long hat that can be used for sucking. Alice has two since she was a baby. She had three but lost one. Her cousin had […]

Drawing while on holidays in Chargey

There is simply something cool about having a hobby that requires you to use tools and to take care of those tools. I know roleplaying has ten-side dice and big fancy cool books, but it’s just not the same. I understand now how fishing can be enjoyable without actually catching anything. I found myself getting all […]