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The Rage and the Emptiness

This is a really short piece of fiction. I mentioned on twitter I had a story that seemed to be bursting to get out and this is the result, a breathless scene jumping short narrative. It pulls on a lot of thematic ideas I have floating around, but doesn’t really expand on them. What do […]

Nightmares and Comics: reasons I didn’t write last night

I think I’m going to have to start a new section of my website: “Reasons why I didn’t write last night“. This week there was three pretty good reasons. The first was Alice, our four year old, got sick in school so I had to take her home early and work the rest of the […]

Dreamed about coding last night and found (and solved) a bug!

Last night, I didn’t sleep well. The recent changeable weather has given me a rather nasty chesty cough. My eyes are sore, I’m tired and flushed the whole time. The kids and my wife are all suffering too and there is nothing besides cough syrups and rest for it (and as parents you’re never really […]

Akashic Records (A VtM:R level)

This is a level for the, now truly dead, computer game Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption, based on White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade PnP (pen and paper) Roleplaying game. It is meant to be the “Akashic Records”; a mystical umbral realm, a storehouse of all knowledge. A place travelled to through dreams and spirit quests. I […]


This story of mine came in the top six (runnerup) of the 2002 Literary Agent.co.uk Competition. It’s about a paradox for a dreamwalker. Related Posts:A Tale of Cutting the DeadThe Dead Ones RisingThe CollectorThe Story of the PigPerfect Horror

The Story of the Pig

This short piece is a strange surreal metaphor. Related Posts:ParadoxA Tale of Cutting the DeadDancersThe Dead Ones RisingThe Collector


From 1996, I wrote this scene while in first year in University. For some unknowable angst-ridden-still-acting-like-a-teenager reason, I emailed this to a lot of people. I’ve preserved the original ASCII text format. Related Posts:The End of the WorldParadoxThe Story of the PigDrunken AngelSeraph