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Flower Fairy Final

I finally put some time aside to finish off my “Flower Fairy” image. Here it is: If you remember, I started with this: I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide if the final image is better. The background is done in watercolours, the fairy’s colour was done, first by copying with my lightbox, […]

Flower Fairies and Revisiting “Satyrs and Goddesses”

Taking a break from coding or writing, I did do this little piece for my daughter Alice for her to colour in. It came out especially nice I think, so much so if I get the time I will do my own colouring. Alice’s take on the colours is not yet complete, but I might […]

So if you saw theses pictures in a roleplaying book…

… would you think they look good, assuming of course they are theme appropriate? (Click on them to see in higher resolution). I was trying to figure out if I could do, myself, good or high quality images or at least create something that looks like it is good or high quality. I think I […]