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Waiting for baby… mad week!

Lost sunglasses and had to face the glare of the sun for a whole weekend. Lost my house keys. Discovered the car windscreen was cracked. Was so tired, nearly fell asleep in the middle of dinner but somehow managed to put my daughter to bed with a story and song before falling asleep completely. Work […]

3D images of our unborn baby!

Hopefully you’re aware that we are expecting our second baby. There is only two months left till the due date! Everything is good so far. Anyway, the last time I wrote about the baby, I put up a picture of the scan, which, to most people, is just a blob. Well, last week, we did […]

More astounding facts according to Alice!

Previously on thedeadone.net, I shared some of the amazing “facts” that Alice, our nearly three years old daughter, had discovered. I’ve got two four new ones for you. The kangaroos in her and Daddy’s bellies have gone. Dinosaurs are actually Dragons. Most monsters are, actually. All the air-planes in Dublin Airport are actually Robots. I […]

Did anyone else watch the Lunar Eclipse last night?

Cold and Stunning. We didn’t have a decent camera. Sophie’s camera’s batteries were dead. Bad timing. Still I tried to grab a photo with my (not as good) digital camera. This is the best shot and it doesn’t do it any justice. Anyway, from our new house out here in Wicklow, we had an amazingly […]

Is there a curse of Valentines?

I guess I shouldn’t have criticised Valentines day. This weekend was meant to be our romantic weekend, a celebration of the anniversary of our first kiss. But by Friday we knew it wasn’t meant to be… Related Posts:Parental Time ZoneSeriously, Valentines day?Date set for Civil!I am on Redbricks frontpage!Look, being a parent is not what […]

The world according to Alice…

Alice, our daughter, is now 2 (nearly 3) years old. I’m astounded every day by her simple logic, stringing conditions along with “and” and “or”. And she’s becoming more and more aware of the world around her, amazing us by her ever increasing comprehension. Sometimes she feels she needs to explain it to us. But […]

What can top the best christmass present ever?

Back in 2004, I thought I had found the best christmass present ever. Okay, well I had. But I didn’t think it could be topped. Related Posts:One of the many “joys” of having kids is…Bow down before your new leader: Tristan!His name is TristanBaby born last night!Waiting for baby… mad week!

If you have a toddler…

… do not flush the toliet first without checking what’s in it. A whole weekend without a toliet is not fun. And it’s not as if we can be angry, I mean, she was trying to go the toliet by her self and just put the empty toliet roll, with the toliet paper she used, […]

Ah Halloween…

… has come and gone. I was excited about Halloween this year because it would have been Alice’s, my two-years-and-a-bit-old daughter, first real Halloween, with costumes, trick-or-treats and candy candy candy! We got her this cute devil-witch costume, with horns, tail and a dress. Admittly she hasn’t been in the mood. More teeth are coming […]

A Change

If you happen to be reading this in something other than a browser you probably can’t see the photo to the left. Hell, it’s possible you’re reading this with the HTML removed! Anyway, it’s meant to be a photo of the keys to our new house. Related Posts:Did anyone else watch the Lunar Eclipse last […]