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So last night I didn’t write anything

Nothing at all. Not one typed letter.  Of course, that doesn’t particularly sound impressive but I only realised today that I have managed to spend at least 10 minutes (if not up to an hour) writing every evening, after the kids are in bed, since coming back from my holidays in August. That’s pretty good […]

On the other side of the FudgeList…

There is currently such a change in the Fudge community. After the FudgeList shut down I was expecting a period of quiet and apathy before something started off. I couldn’t be more wrong. Looks like we may finally shake off that “Drudge” misconception! Ann Dupius of Grey Ghosts setup this yahoo community: fudgecommunity and it’s […]

TDO Combat Fudge v0.1

An Example Fudge Implementation of “Combat Profiles” If you don’t have time to read all this, then check out the cut-down version v0.1.1! What started as some rough ideas and thoughts on the combat experience in roleplaying games, developed in a kind of simplistic theory I called “Combat Profiles”. After some discussion, I put together this system as an example of using these concepts. In fact, putting together this […]

Separating the Author from their Writing

Does anyone else have difficulty separating the author from the book? I prefer to know little or nothing about the author of a book before I start reading it. This equally applies to roleplaying books and it’s a roleplaying book that I’m having difficulty at the moment separating the creator (and his/her actions/opinions) from the […]