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Alan Moore wrote the Bible’s New Testament!

… at least according to Amazon.co.uk. I get these regular “you liked this books, so you probably like this one” emails. And yes, I’ve bought a number of Alan Moore’s books from Amazon, like Watchmen. So I was quite surprised to see this! Alan Moore wrote the New Testament in the Bible! (The product in […]

So I saw Watchmen last night…

And before I say anything else, let me say: I enjoyed it. However the movie is crap. Of course when I say movie, I mean something that stands alone from the graphic novel. If you’re not familiar with Watchmen as a comic, I cannot phantom how you’d enjoy the movie. The pacing is awful, the […]

Nightmares and Comics: reasons I didn’t write last night

I think I’m going to have to start a new section of my website: “Reasons why I didn’t write last night“. This week there was three pretty good reasons. The first was Alice, our four year old, got sick in school so I had to take her home early and work the rest of the […]