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ReCaptcha, Excerpts, Comment Management and Default Tags! Here is version 0.12.5 of TDO-Mini-Forms

Version 0.12.5 of the my WordPress plugin TDO-Mini-Forms has just been made available. (It may just take a few minutes as I’ve just committed to the WordPress.org SVN). This version adds four new widgets: An Excerpt Widget - allows submitters to supply their own excerpt Comments Management Widget - enable/disable comments and pings for posts […]

So, em, TDO Mini Forms… how have you been?

I have to apologise. When I saw that TDO Mini Forms was working fine in WordPress 2.6, I kind of left it alone since coming back from the holidays. I’ve been spending my coding time on a new theme for thedeadone.net (enough of it is finished that its good enough to use), which isn’t that […]

Support for TDO Mini Forms will be quiet till August…

… because I’m going on holidays! Unfortunately I’ve heard that WordPress 2.6 will be out very soon and I haven’t prepared for it. I’m aware of the changes but I haven’t setup a 2.6 test bed to do the work. So please be careful about upgrading, as soon as I get back it’ll be one […]

New Releases of TDO Mini Forms (0.12.3) and TDO Tag Fixes (0.5) avaliable…

… in the usual places. For TDO Mini Forms, lots of small bug fixes (including one that was preventing some unregistered users from using a form) plus an Auto Respond Email widget and the ability to get moderation emails even if you’ve turned of moderation for a form. For TDO Tag Fixes, just some bug […]

Security Risk in TDO Mini Forms v0.12: Upgrade to v0.12.2 ASAP!

Update #1: It’s not my day. In my rush to get v0.12.1 out, I copied in some broken code to SVN. Nothing critical, just prevents TDOMF from running. v0.12.2 fixes this. I’ve discovered a security risk in v0.12 of TDO Mini Forms if you use Custom Fields and the “Append to Post” format option. This […]

Catch release 0.11.1 of TDO Mini Forms today!

You can find it in the usual places! In case you’re wondering, 0.11 went out yesterday, however I put in a number of bug fixes before I thought about posting of the new release. 0.11 adds several major new features: Integration with Akismet for Spam Protection Queueing of approved posts Throttling rules to prevent over-zealous submitters or annoying spammers Import and […]

Contact Manager powered by TDO Mini Forms and a new bug fix release (v0.10.4)

I’ve just released a bug fix for TDO Mini Forms v0.10.4, get it in the usual places. v0.10.3 broke Custom Fields and also prevented the plugin from running on PHP4 hosts. Also, sbruner (Steve Bruner) posted on the TDOMF forums that he has used the TDOMF plugin to create a rather nifty Contact Manager Theme […]

v0.10.3 of TDO Mini Forms released: an end to register_global and session issues! (I hope)

I’ve just released v0.10.3 of my TDO Mini Forms plugin. Get it in all the usual places. The biggest changes in this version is that I’ve implemented a work around for the register_globals and $_SESSION issues. It should be noted that 99% of the time these are/were host configuration problems and nothing to do with […]

Version 0.10 of TDO Mini Forms released!

(Sorry my website was down unexpectedly for several hours yesterday. It was due to problems with my host) Get v0.10 while it’s hot. The big feature in this release is multiple form support. Check out the demo site to see how I’ve used it in a few examples. Also included in this release: More open_basedir […]