A personal perspective of the demise of DiddlySquat

Specky, one of the founders of DiddlySquat, has given his personal account of the demise of DiddlySquat.

According to the Irish Gaming and Roleplaying Wiki:

Diddlysquat is an RPG publishing company founded by Geoff Moore in 2004 with the intention of producing a horror/sci-fi tabletop RPG called Spectres. The Spectres game was intended to be released as three prequels followed by the main game system.

But sadly DiddlySquat is no more and I guess we won’t be seeing Spectres as a full game (though the work will probably be made available via GCG).

When you read this kind of things it really makes you cynical about the communities involved (both online and offline). Sure I’ve argued and caused near-flame wars in the online half of the Irish gaming community, but I would hope that people don’t bare grudges and that they should realise that, sometimes, antagonistic nature of online discussion is actually healthy. But I don’t think that’s true. People do hold grudges for the slightest things.

So, here is a farewell to another doomed project of the Irish Gaming Community. I roll my dice to you (*sounds of all dice scattering across the table and getting lost on the floor* doh!) :(

As an aside, I can’t help but draw some parrallels to this earlier history of other projects in the community too and the recent flop of the an Game Chef concept (see this comment). I guess I’m too old for this shit. :)

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