I want a Wii!

I had planned to get a Nintendo Wii after Christmass. It was to be my one gift to myself this year, an expensive luxury item that won’t get the value for money out of.

It’s now April, 4 months later, and I don’t have one. So frustrating. I should ordered it in some shop, somewhere, but it just seems so much hassle. I know that I’m not going to get the time to play it. Arg. Time to get it… not sure it balances out the time I’ll get to play it!

But then I saw this video:

[I feel all shiny and cool right now. This is the first time I’ve added a video to one of my blog posts! I bet this won’t make the RSS feed though.]

A two year old playing Wii Tennis. Pretty funky!

Only last week I introduced my daughter Alice (who’s nearly three years old) to Google Earth on the Desktop PC. With screams of “I want to do it”, she grabbed the mouse and started shoving it forward and backwards, getting pretty frustrated that the map wasn’t moving (she wasn’t get the click-and-drag concept). Yet, the way she was trying to control the mouse, reminded me of this video. It’s pretty cool to able to think that your toddler could potentially play the same computer game as you and, as a parent, not feel guilty that they aren’t getting any exercise.

Come on Nintendo, give me one please?

Update #1: Seems the video embed code doesn’t work nicely on LiveJournal, so if you want to see it, come on over to thedeadone.net to see it.

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