New Releases of TDO Mini Forms (0.12.3) and TDO Tag Fixes (0.5) avaliable…

in the usual places.

For TDO Mini Forms, lots of small bug fixes (including one that was preventing some unregistered users from using a form) plus an Auto Respond Email widget and the ability to get moderation emails even if you’ve turned of moderation for a form.

For TDO Tag Fixes, just some bug fixes that have been hanging around for a bit on my private test server. I also plan to do some extra work on this in the next while, specifically around adding a “Tag Surfer” widget. We’ll see how much time I get.

And because I’ve moved to a new host, I can include PayPal donation icon and my Amazon wishlist for those who’d like to see TDO Mini Forms and TDO Tag Fixes keep on improving…. :)

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