The Christmas Countdown has begun!

Kids started their Christmas Lists. I’m not sure what prompted it. But they got home from school and declared it was time to pull out the toy catalogues and start making lists.

When my 8yo daughter Alice finished, she proudly announced she only had 13 items on her list. Santa doesn’t have to get all of them, just some. The list included Friends Lego, Furbies (they have returned from the dead like some cheap horror movie!), a steampunk Monster High doll and other various items. Of course she added more stuff later so the number 13 is not definitive.

My 5yo son Tristan put down as the first item two sets of Skylander collectible cards. A reasonable start. And then he saw the Skylander section. He wanted to put down ALL THE SKYLANDER TOYS and followed up with ALL THE LEGO (including that €100 set because it has DINOSAURS). And that fancy tablet thingy (that’s nearly €200) with angry birds on it and he hasn’t finished going through the catalogue!

But at least he made an attempt to write out the first few items himself (he’s learning the alphabet in school) but then descended into drawing pictures of Skylanders fighting Dinosaurs.

It is just one week after Halloween. It has begun.

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