The dust settles…

I seem to be living in a time lag. It’s been a few days since the blog “fight” over sexism in roleplaying games kind of burned itself out and I’m only getting around to writing about it now. It ended like how all good fights end: nobody really “won”, people ended up limping away and nobody hates each other.

I must say I felt sorry for Matt over at, because he got called names by a feminist blogger and was described as an example of a chauvinist! I also posted on Irish Gaming LiveJournal and it got two responses, which pretty much says it is not an issue. Now, if I had critised a convention, the discussion would have exploded. (Admittedly I could have posted on “igaming” or the “” but I have to say not much real discussion goes on there any more and I really didn’t feel the need to push the issue that much). I guess it’s typical of our end of the “blogosphere” (that being the Irish online gaming community). People are more concerned with getting out and on with it and having a good time than if the wording of roleplaying books can be interrupted as sexist.

As an extended footnote, Fed Hicks, one of the master-minds behind Evil Hat, makers of Spirit of the Century, commented on my blog to tell me:

Interestingly, it was that whole virtual flare up that (indirectly) lead to Bruce Baugh committing to write a supplement that tackles the issue head-on for Spirit of the Century.

The supplement is called “New Horizons” which you can read about over on Bruce’s LiveJournal page (you can read specifically about New Horizons here). It does sound like an interesting idea for a game, I must admit. I can’t, sadly, imagine getting my group to play it and I’m not sure I’d be mad into it either… but I’d really be tempted to get it anyway. I love those kind of books that full of information, laid out in a way that’s really useful for gaming and writing. Even if you never use it, it ends up inspiring you directly or indirectly. Let’s see how it goes.

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