Reboot RPG Scenario

You wake up. But it is not your home. Not your house. Not your world. The people are strange. Odd. They don’t seem to care about anything. There are people going mad on the street and everyone watches as they kill themselves. And what the hell is it with that countdown?

If your looking for an RPG based on the cartoon ‘Reboot’ - this isn’t it!

Reboot is a Roleplaying Scenario. In includes characters, setting and plot and is designed for FUDGE (but includes rules to use it with the Storyteller/World of Darkness game rules).

You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to read the PDF file.

Warning! If you plan to be a player in this sceanrio it will seriousily ruin your enjoyment if you read it. I’d advise sending the link to your GM instead. You have been warned!

Download/Read Reboot RPG Sceanrio.

It is based on a once-off game I ran for the Murder of Crows roleplaying troupe so long ago. The site wasn’t around then so no write-ups were ever done!

It has been written for Warpcon 2003; an Irish convention run in Cork at the end of January 2003.

One of the players at Warpcon wrote up a Con Report and this is what he though of Reboot.

“…in the afternoon I signed up for Mark Cammy’s scenario Reboot. He’d been nervous about it because it was his first time writing a game for a con in seven or so years, and the first blurb printed by Warpcon for an early flyer gave away large chunks of the surprise which was integral to the scenario (fortunately none of the players had read it), but I figured it’d be good and made a point this time of getting on the writer’s table (although the other GM seemed to have done his homework and really liked the scenario and was enthusiastic about it, so that’s good). The scenario was really well put-together, and designed so you could use either the FUDGE or World of Darkness system (we used FUDGE because none of us had tried it before) and the scenario was great and a lot of fun. To say anything about it would spoil it, but go download it and play it, it’s great. Unfortunately one of the players sat down at the table and promptly went asleep, which was a bit freakin’ inconsiderate - but fortunately it didn’t matter.”

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