Search and Replace WordPress Plugin (1.1)

This is a plugin for WordPress to allow you to search and replace text across all your posts.

This plugin is for WordPress 1.5 or better (including 2.0).

It is uses SQL replace so it’s fast but not very flexible.

Just download the zip, extract the searchandreplace.php file and place it in your wp-content/plugins and then in the wp-admin plugin interface active it.

You will then have a new panel in your “Manage” section called “Search and Replace”.

German langauge version available. Supplied by Frank

Persian language version avaliable. Supplied by Gonahkar


Version 1.1: 4th January 2006

Search and replace for comments and comment authors from Gonahkar added. Tested on WordPress 2.0.

Version 1: 23rd March 2005

First version

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