3D images of our unborn baby!

Hopefully you’re aware that we are expecting our second baby. There is only two months left till the due date! Everything is good so far. Anyway, the last time I wrote about the baby, I put up a picture of the scan, which, to most people, is just a blob. Well, last week, we did a “4D” scan which are 3D renders of the baby based on the scan. It costs slight less than the Wii but is just as cool. See below the “cut” for some of them!

You should be able to click on them and see a bigger version.

3D Scan of Baby #4 3D Scan of Baby #3 3D Scan of Baby #2 3D Scan of Baby #1

I’ve uploaded *all* the scans (there is about 14 of them) to my wife’s blog. Sophie’s blog has photos and videos of Alice and the latest news on baby and family related. However you need a password to get in, so if your a “friend of the family” (ooohhh that sounds so gangster-ish), drop me or Sophie a line and we’ll give you the password.

We also got a DVD of the scan which has a few seconds of the 3D images moving in real-time. I haven’t gotten round to ripping the video yet so you’ll have to wait a little longer for that!

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