Waiting for baby… mad week!

Alice on Daddys Shadow Lost sunglasses and had to face the glare of the sun for a whole weekend. Lost my house keys. Discovered the car windscreen was cracked. Was so tired, nearly fell asleep in the middle of dinner but somehow managed to put my daughter to bed with a story and song before falling asleep completely. Work is the usual manic, little rest with everyone else on holidays. I’ve also got a sore throat, sore eyes and a bad cough.

All at the same time as waiting for the call! When I get the call I have do a one hour mad-drive across town and then back again (drop my daughter with her Granny) and then head directly to the hospital’s labour ward…

Oddly, the weather doesn’t help. The car is too hot, I’m sweaty all the time, it’s too bright when I drive and why the hell do I have a cold when it’s so god-damn nice… but I guess that’s just my current inhibition about relaxing these days.

Sophie, my wife, is equally tired. She’s just read for baby to pop, but there isn’t much else to do but wait. She’s at the spicy food stage… which is small blessing for me as normally Sophie can’t stand spicy or hot food. Well she still can’t stand spicy or hot food, but she’s willing to try it, hoping it’ll make baby come sooner.

Maybe this time next week, there will be no posts. This will probably be a good thing. I’ll be listening to the cries of my second child rather that shouting out to the echoing dins of the web.

It’s terrifying and exciting time. My biggest fear is that my cold will get worse and I’ll get light-headed during Sophie’s labour and, potentially, faint near the end of it. Last time, it was eight hours with Alice. I coped well (I think). When Alice was born it was the most emotionally charged moment of my life, it is simply impossible to describe. I think my first words were either “she’s got red hair” or “she looks like me”. But I remember those eight hours, while I couldn’t do anything but look on and hold my wife’s hand.

I’m not sure I’m ready.

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