A little experiment in blogging motivation

I’m starting a little experiment here today. It has been two months since the last time I posted here and even back then I have been extremely quiet. It seems that G+ (my G+ profile) has hit that magic spot for me and manages to sate the blogger within.

However I’m loathe to let this space die. My wife’s blog (which is also hosted under this domain name), Insomnica Ramblings - My Reality, is doing a roaring trade. So I decided to try and take some of my very informal ramblings on G+ and repackage them and post them here.

I’m not going to just regurgitate what I’ve posted on G+ however. I believe this cross-posting stuff is a crime against social media in general. Instead I have my public G+ posts imported as draft posts on WordPress here. From there I plan to rework them into more fully realised blog posts (or not) on a case by case basis.

So lets see how it goes. :)

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