All is Good!

I must apoligise for not providing an update in so long. The last news I gave was well before Alice was born and now Alice is three months old! :)

Things are good. Not perfect but who wants perfect?

Alice, our precious little daughter, has got wonderful red-hair, falls asleep when I read her Cat in the Hat before bed and has started to make gurgling sounds. She sleeps like an Angel at night so I guess we’re pretty lucky.

Sophie’s been doing a really good job of providing updates on Alice including tons of photos on her blog (the link is on the right but you can go from here). I’ll put some photos up here once my site is fully working again (just orgainsed “vhosting” so now everything is avaliable @

Alice is now three months old. She keeps her eyes open and smiles, laughs and grins often. She makes the cutest gurgling sounds as if trying to speak. To know that she is also healthy and strong for her little age is blessing.

The biggest complaint we have is that we’ve lost all our spare time, where the feck did it go? We get enough sleep at night but taking care of Alice is tiring after coming home from work and Sophie is worn out from taking care of her during the day. I’ve only started now going back to Karate and gaming again. Which pretty much explains the lack of updates (well plus a three week holiday too).

I did manage to make a new release of rbFriends. Totally revamped from Beta 2 and now Beta 4 has transparent dialogs (which work okay :S). But other then that I’m pretty stretched. I’ve nearly finished Lost Heroes, soon I will be sending it out to be rejected from any publisher I can find.

The big worry on our minds is that we haven’t managed to sell our apparment yet. It’s been on the market a while now and we’ve changed estate agents once already. We’ve had about three offers which have all fallen through for one reason or another.

And on top of that, the struggle to find a decent house in an okay area that is also within our budget is tiring and wearing on both of us. Sophie spends hours on the phone with estate agents orgainsing viewings and driving around during the week with Alice in tow to see possibles when I’m in work.

Anyway, though I don’t get to the cinema anymore, life is good. Not perfect. Just good. :)

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