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Wife’s new blog: Insomniac Ramblings, a Frenchie in Ireland

My wife has recently started blogging and seems to be getting a great kick out of it. Though she doesn’t share the same interests (online at least) as me, if your a reality-TV geek and like stuff like Dancing with the Stars or the Bachelorette you’ll probably like my wife’s blog, so check it out: […]

One of the many “joys” of having kids is…

One of the many “joys” of having kids is the family-communal-getting-sick-together weekends. Kids get sick. It’s part of growing up, builds up their immunity. It is even more common if your kids are in creche or school as they’ll get sick “6 or 7 times in the year” (as our Doctor once told us) as they’ll pick up what […]

Bow down before your new leader: Tristan!

Maybe we should have called him Lord Oberon instead of Tristan. Sophie suggested Puck more than once. I think he must have a wicked sense of humour appropriate to Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night fairies. I think he looks a little like a troll too: all wrinkly, hunched and curled and with really long arms! I was […]

Baby born last night!

Details to follow later… Related Posts:One of the many “joys” of having kids is…Bow down before your new leader: Tristan!Waiting for baby… mad week!His name is Tristan3D images of our unborn baby!

Waiting for baby… mad week!

Lost sunglasses and had to face the glare of the sun for a whole weekend. Lost my house keys. Discovered the car windscreen was cracked. Was so tired, nearly fell asleep in the middle of dinner but somehow managed to put my daughter to bed with a story and song before falling asleep completely. Work […]

Love is spam!

It’s my wife, Sophie’s, birthday today. I had flowers sent to her work. She sends me an email with the title “I LOVE YOU” as a thank you. But apparently: This message is considered Spam by Symantec AVF and was deleted.The message has been marked for deletion and the message body, replaced with this text. […]

Nintendo DS Lite; I’m a grey gamer!

I rarely play computer games. I don’t have the time, what with a 2 year old who’s potty training and silly long commute times. My little spare time gets devoted to writing, if I have the energy left. Despite that, an ad on TV for the new Nintendo DS Lite caught my eye. It was […]

Another uneventful weekend

Another weekend. Going to be fun, going to be tiring. Not that we’re social folk, but having a family is both exciting and tiring. We feed the ducks, had lunch in pub and then jumped in the car. Related Posts:One of the many “joys” of having kids is…Bow down before your new leader: Tristan!Baby born […]

All is Good!

I must apoligise for not providing an update in so long. The last news I gave was well before Alice was born and now Alice is three months old! Things are good. Not perfect but who wants perfect? Alice, our precious little daughter, has got wonderful red-hair, falls asleep when I read her Cat in […]

Date set for Civil!

22nd November 2002 Thats the date I’m getting legally married to Sophie (aka was Dauphin on RB). They’ll be a big party (orgainsed curtesy of me mum) that evening. It seems to have struck Sophie more so then me. Theres finally a date from which point we’ll be married in the eyes of the law […]