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Lessons Learned from my holidays

When packing for travelling on ferry overnight, less is better. There is only so many bags you can pull around with you on the ferry. The overnight ferry from Ireland to France is a honeypot for 3DS streetpasses. Weddings in the rain are still great. My 5yo son is a special kind of party animal. […]

To Blog or Not To Blog…

I never had the intention of making this into a blog. It’s not as if I have the most exciting life (not that it’s a bad life). All I ever intended was to have a little “news” on the front page so people could tell the site wasn’t dead. So I better fill up this […]

A quick update!

Been quite busy preparing for the wedding. For a start finished all my Alice in Wonderland drawings for it. Also I’m working on an RPG which I’m calling “Lost Heroes”. It’s based on Void Universe: Renegade RPG which I wrote a while ago. Watch this space for details. Did a whole rack of pictures recently: […]


As of last Friday 22nd November I’m now, in the eyes of the law, married to Sophie! We made a big day of it which you can read about on sophieetmark.com. On much smaller news my sister has set up a blog at atmc.blogspot.com. Related Posts:Lessons Learned from my holidaysTo Blog or Not To Blog…A […]


It has begun…. Going to start work on overhauling this entire website. While it’s great for somethings it’s really lacking in others. Each section of the site is like it’s only little website which isn’t really encouraging people to browse around, so I’m going to start breaking it and rebuilding it so if something doesn’t […]

Wedding Bells are in the Air!

I’ve just finished setting a new section of my site “Mark & Sophie’s Wedding” which will contain all the information about our upcoming wedding. It’ll also be in French as well but for the moment it hasn’t been translated. I’ve also added a link to use the Wedding style sheet across the entire site! Related […]

Date set for Civil!

22nd November 2002 Thats the date I’m getting legally married to Sophie (aka was Dauphin on RB). They’ll be a big party (orgainsed curtesy of me mum) that evening. It seems to have struck Sophie more so then me. Theres finally a date from which point we’ll be married in the eyes of the law […]

I am on Redbricks frontpage!

Right now (19th July 2002) Sophie and myself are mentioned on the frontpage of Redbrick! It’s all to do with the fact that we’re getting married and we met for the first time on Redbrick and met face to face for the first time on Redbrick’s first unofficial night out. Related Posts:Date set for Civil!Parental […]