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Lessons Learned from my holidays

When packing for travelling on ferry overnight, less is better. There is only so many bags you can pull around with you on the ferry. The overnight ferry from Ireland to France is a honeypot for 3DS streetpasses. Weddings in the rain are still great. My 5yo son is a special kind of party animal. […]

Obligatory post on the Irish Election: Change

Yesterday I vote in the Irish elections. Today (and tomorrow I think) they’re counting the votes. I’ve been sort of avoiding the live courage, but it’s pretty inescapable. It’s on TV (which is on the shops), it’s filling my intertube feeds. Instead I focused on doing stuff with the kids, playing football with my 3yo […]

Is it really coming to the end of Table top roleplaying?

I love table top gaming (and I assume roleplaying here), ever since my friends introduce me to it with game of White Wolf’s Werewolf: the Apocalypse, back somewhere in the 90s (I think). I’ve tried LARPs and I’ve even tried roleplaying online, but table top, with friends or even at a convention has always been more […]

More Irish were sold as slaves than Africans?

Or more exactly “that from 1600 to 1699, far more Irish were sold as slaves than Africans”. This is the claim from this article. Reading the article, there is a certain amount of sense there but I can’t verify any of the facts or info on it as I’m not a big history buff. If […]