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Where is that writing niggling feeling gone?

Now I know what it’s like to not be a writer (even a perpetual amateur like me). It’s quite liberating. No agonising over not writing, no overthinking on words and scenes and meanings. Freedom to choose what I spend my time doing. Is this what it’s like all the time for people who don’t write? […]

Is it really coming to the end of Table top roleplaying?

I love table top gaming (and I assume roleplaying here), ever since my friends introduce me to it with game of White Wolf’s Werewolf: the Apocalypse, back somewhere in the 90s (I think). I’ve tried LARPs and I’ve even tried roleplaying online, but table top, with friends or even at a convention has always been more […]

Some of my thoughts on the Irish Scenario-Con question

There is an interesting discussion going on right now over on the igaming mailing list (and cross-posted to LiveJournal), but one I’ve consciously chosen not to comment on. The people involved have much bigger stakes in it than I ever have and I’ve had my share of being on the virtual battleground but I have […]

Halloween 2007 has come and gone!

So I missed Gaelcon this year. I know it won’t change but it’s the worst weekend to run a convention. There is so much stuff going on for Halloween. In previous years I tried to switch each year between the Horrorfest in the IFC and Gaelcon, but it is very hard to justify spending the […]

Gaelcon 2006 and me

Only a day spent in the warm waters that is the national gamers event called Gaelcon. I dumped my kid on her Grandmother and Auntie, grabbed my bag of dice, ever-present satchel and a few pens, (oh and my Nintendo DS Lite, don’t go anywhere without these days). I only had a day. I choose […]

Irish online gaming community; Zombie or something?

It’s about this time of year, roughly a month or two before Gaelcon when there are rumblings about the “online community”. Controversy and flame wars generally follow. See here for the beginning of those storm clouds. But that got me thinking again. What is an “Irish online gaming and roleplaying community”? Seriously? Related Posts:Some of […]

Back from Warpcon 2003!

And what fun it was! It was my first time at Warpcon and I didn’t know what to expect but the small sized nature of the con was wonderful. Every game was a laugh even if the GM got confused about the scenario or the plot got lost somewhere between the Underground and London Zoo. […]


Yep. I got the domain thedeadone.net. It was a present for 26th birthday! Not only have I cross that “25” year threshold but my little sister is suddenly all grown up and stuff. She had her debs there only a week or so ago. Check out the photos I took of her here. Man, how […]