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The RPG Blog Alliance

So last week, I added my blog (well the roleplaying related posts at least) and my lost heroes dev blog to “RPG Blog Alliance”. I saw a number of fellow bloggers/twitters joining up and thought I’d be in good company. But as of writing, it’s up to 131 members. That’s 131 blogs about roleplaying. 131 […]

Review part 1 of my Custom Dice

As part of winning these custom dice, I have to do a review of them. However I haven’t gamed in months, certainly not since I received the dice. So instead I’m doing a “part 1” of the review now, which is, in a sense, a bit weird as it’s my design on the dice! Part […]

My Cthulhu/thedeadone Fudge Dice!

So I won a competition from dicecreator to get my own custom dice, which rocks. So I spent an afternoon working on the design. I’m sure you’ve seen my the Cthulhu-inspired image on the front of this webpage (and it doubles as my twitter icon) but if not, here it is again. I thought this […]

thedeadone gaming dice?

I came across dicecreator via twitter. He makes these exceptional custom dice for gaming such as these amazing Fudge dice (image on the right). And during some testing of his equipment he decided to use my twitter icon as a test for some dice: Which, to use the American vernacular, is awesome! Anyway, he recently […]

A fresh lick of paint on thedeadone.net

I’ve just redone the colour scheme of thedeadone.net and have thrown out that over-powering black and grey mix. Tell what you think? (Poll won’t work on LJ, so come on over to thedeadone.net to vote) Related Posts:The RPG Blog AllianceReview part 1 of my Custom DiceMy Cthulhu/thedeadone Fudge Dice!thedeadone gaming dice?Arg, how I hate Internet […]

Arg, how I hate Internet Explorer!

I don’t pretend to be a great web designer or programmer. Most of the stuff I do is really just tinkering and as part of that I decided it was time to create a new look for thedeadone.net, which involves creating a new “Theme” for WordPress. About a week ago, I got the theme up […]

A new look for thedeadone.net

I’ve been working on a new theme for thedeadone.net for a little while now. The functionality is about 90% there. The layout is 99% done. But there is about 50% more to go. I have to choose colours and modify the layout with icons and images to make it “pretty”. I also need to make […]

Phew! Made it!

Okay, so it looks like I made the jump to the new host fairly successfully. WordPress is up and running and all my data transfered okay. The only hitch, right now, is that the forum is down. I’ll fix that soon. It’s certainly different being on new host. Like buying a new car without driving […]

thedeadone.net may not be avaliable over the next few days

Just a quick heads up. I’m going to be moving host over the next few days and my website will be unavaliable from tomorrow until whenever the nameserver changes propagate across the web. So I’ll be closing down the website tomorrow morning and moving the final snapshot of data across and updating the name servers. […]

thedeadone.net is back!

It’s seems I’m back online again. The admins of Redbrick, the host of thedeadone.net, turned Redbrick off after it was discovered that people’s personal webpages had been hacked. Now it looks like everything is up again (if you find something a-miss on the site, drop me a comment). The admins have re-installed everything from scratch […]