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1 viable item left on my list to do

Check item #7! (“Do some further work on TDO Mini-Forms”) Of course I could continue at full steam with it but I decided to slow down. Work will continue, just not as time-consuming. Also item #6 (“Try again to get a gaming group together”) occurred without any prompting from me. I was doing some work […]

Check Item #2 and 4… about 6 more to go…

Okay, so I managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.5. Not as easy as I thought. I also had to patch WP 2.5 to work on Redbrick as several features don’t work out the box and it’s still messy if your using a virtual host (like me). The livejournal-crossposter and Slave Me 2 WordPress plugins both […]

I am getting lost in upgrading…

I had a great blog post in mind and I couldn’t arsed to write it up properly. I have no idea what’s up with me. I’m currently swallowed by this WordPress 2.5 upgrade and I have code on the brain and I think it has become hard to disengage from that and just get back to the simple […]

Use WordPress as a Forum (powered by TDOMF)!

I’ve created a WordPress Theme that turns WordPress into a pretty powerful forum! You can see it in action here (please check it out and tell me what you think!) It is currently using my TDO Mini Forms plugin to allow visitors start new topics without being turned into full-blown authors. It works by treating […]

Is this a good idea: a livejournal “friends” page on my wordpress site?

I keep meaning to reinstate my blogroll on thedeadone.net, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. But then I hit on an idea, have a “friends” page on thedeadone.net, like on LiveJournal, that shows the latest posts from blogs I read (including LiveJournal ones). It’s easy to do: FeedWordpress will grab the posts […]

thedeadone.net forum!

I’ve finally added a forum to the site. Yea, I know what your thinking, do I really generate that many hits that I can support a forum? Well actually, not really. However I’m finding it hard to track conversations and feedback on a number of posts, specifically TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin. We’re up to […]

Oh what is the internet coming to!

I know I bullshit a bit (okay a lot). I mean that’s part of the fun of this blog-conversation-web2.0-social-networks isn’t? But I don’t see how it affects my intelligence or performance in bed? Do you? LAW of BULLSHIT BLOGGER IDIOCY: The more dumbasses that get on the internet, and then create their own blogs like “thedeadone.net” and then go around judging things, some of which they […]

The artistic side of the Dead One

For a long time I’ve considered removing the bits and pieces of drawings I’ve upload to this website. I put them up here, less as a show case for my talents, but more as a place to manage, archive and possible share them. I don’t really consider myself an artist and I’ve allow my skills […]

Backwards tagging thedeadone.net

I’ve just finished tagging my website. It’s taken me quite a bit of time, a few weeks of trawling my posts going back to 1994 (no I wasn’t online then but I did post timestamp it the time I wrote them). The most important thing I learned was I hadn’t realised how much utter crap […]

Ah, fuck, arg, shit, bolox… WordPress 2.1.2 avaliable.

It’s already been over the blogosphere about how WordPress 2.1.1 has been hacked. It’s pure laziness on my part I didn’t upgrade to 2.1.1 and also because it drove me up the wall when I did the initial upgrade of my site. Lucky me. For anyone on Redbrick, I’ve updated the install script so you can now safely install WordPress 2.1 on Redbrick. See the wiki for details. Now that I can setup a 2.1.2 blog on Redbrick, I guess it’s time now to […]