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A little experiment in blogging motivation

I’m starting a little experiment here today. It has been two months since the last time I posted here and even back then I have been extremely quiet. It seems that G+ (my G+ profile) has hit that magic spot for me and manages to sate the blogger within. However I’m loathe to let this […]


One of the positive things for me that has come out using Google+, was when I was complaining about my inability to make time to write, between early starts, a full time job and two kids, my wife and myself are pretty exhausted by the time they’re in bed. It was suggested by some1 to […]

Forgetting about it and moving on!

You probably don’t know this about me, you probably don’t care, but I don’t like gangster movies. I’m not saying I think gangster movies are bad movies at all and I really shouldn’t have to say that either. It’s just my simple opinion, which is generally meaningless in the sea of opinionated blogs. Now if […]

Crossposted: How nasty do you want your Demons?

I know, I haven’t been blogging. Many excuses that no-one cares about. To fill the void that is this blog, here is a recent post I made on lostheroesrpg.com. Enjoy! I’ve been working my way through the current draft of the setting. I had hoped this would only take a week or two, but it’s […]

3 weeks of holidays isn’t enough!

And the rain this morning really tops it off.  I’ve spent the last two days going through all my emails, forum posts, web feeds and blog comments and I’m dozzed out with info overload. It really feels like I haven’t been away now at all, ack! I didn’t do an inch of coding while on […]

Roleplaying and Blogs?

Long time back, I setup a WordPress blog to support our roleplaying games (you can see the site here if your really interested). The tech-savvy players and GMs used it store copies of their characters sheets, write-ups, house rules, etc. I did some hacking of WordPress to do this, mostly so that each campaign we […]

Oh what is the internet coming to!

I know I bullshit a bit (okay a lot). I mean that’s part of the fun of this blog-conversation-web2.0-social-networks isn’t? But I don’t see how it affects my intelligence or performance in bed? Do you? LAW of BULLSHIT BLOGGER IDIOCY: The more dumbasses that get on the internet, and then create their own blogs like “thedeadone.net” and then go around judging things, some of which they […]

Organising my website/blog… need some feedback?

Since my foray into LiveJournal, I’ve started writing more for my website (which is more and more becoming like some sort of blog). However the way entries are organised on my webpage (I’m talking about thedeadone.net and not livejournal) means that most of my writing gets filed under the general category: “News, rants, opinions and […]

Who reads this blog anyway?

For literally years, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my web space. At the moment it’s a dump for anything I’d like to keep online or be able to reference online such as my weird and wacky writings, my pleasant amateur art and various pieces of software or code […]

More, More, More…

Started playing around with Planet which is this RSS feed aggregator to HTML thingy. I set up Irish Gaming Planet as a test and people seem to like it. Now if I can only get other gaming sites to have real feeds… And while I was doing that, colmmacc has set up a Redbrick Planet. […]