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“A Non Designer’s Design Book”

I read lots on my holidays, as you do. But the best book I read over my holidays  was actually a non-fiction book: A Non Designer’s Design Book. I’ve had this book ages. I read the first half of it a long time back, realised it made a lot of sense and then stopped reading […]

Lessons Learned from my holidays

When packing for travelling on ferry overnight, less is better. There is only so many bags you can pull around with you on the ferry. The overnight ferry from Ireland to France is a honeypot for 3DS streetpasses. Weddings in the rain are still great. My 5yo son is a special kind of party animal. […]

I failed at NaNoWriMo 2011, but it isn’t all bad

First things first, happy new year and welcome to 2012! I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas. This is a bit of belated post, really should have done this in December but I haven’t written anything since November after NaNoWriMo ended. If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, well it’s a month you’re meant to […]


(I wrote this shortly after coming back from my holidays in July. Not sure why I didn’t decide to post it, probably post-holiday blues). Back from holidays and I’m only a few days in work and it feels like an age. So Sunday night (which is actually a few weeks back now), last day before […]

I’m back two weeks already? My my my…

Two weeks on and I’m still lacking much motivation. Things are getting up to speed though, shortly my daughter will be going back to school signifying the end of the summer and the routine will dramatically change again and in work, all our customers have returned from their holidays and have started dumping crap on […]

Going on holidays tomorrow! :)

So I’m going on holidays tomorrow, for a goodly period of time (but not too long). Can’t wait to get out of here and stop worrying about the recession, work, weather and everything else for a little bit. I’m looking forward to it, not least because it’s time with my family but also because it’s […]

Inking some Graphic Art

Also on holidays, I played more with ink, even bought more pens. (WordPress is still cropping my thumbnails, so click on the images to see them in full) The first was a design I had been doodling for while, an icon for this website in fact, I like it so it may be appearing soon […]

My first thoughts on using charcoal

So over the holiday I got to some drawing. The big thing really was that I started to use charcoal, not a major step but something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. But I started with a simple tonal study, to get my eye and hands back into the swing of it […]

Kids Lesson 345: What not to do in a public park

Children cannot cease but find new ways to embarrass their parents. Alice, our 4-year-old, actually is not that bad but there was certainly, shall we say, a public incident, while on holidays. We were staying in this lovely old country house and we had got this great big inflatable pool out the back. The kids […]


While on my holidays last month in France, I came across some humorous “Fringlish”. Check this out: It’s a brand of sugar, in a pink colour, called “Daddy”. That’s right you can buy your Sugar Daddy in France in a pink container. And then I came across the “Plate of Terror!” On one of my […]