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Some new art work: Meave and Dead Eyes

When I uploaded the photos from my five-year-old daughter’s digital camera, I found some shots that managed to capture unexpected looks and expressions on people. I was so taken by at least one I decided to work up an image. I was also partly inspired by the character “Meave” that I created in my mind […]

Dead Desktop PC = More Drawings

Unfortunantly I haven’t been able to write much these few weeks. The main reason is our desktop PC at home is waiting to be repaired and my laptop has become the only computer left in our house - so to keep myself and my wife sane, we’re sharing it in the evening. This forced me […]

Drawings from the weekend

(Hopefully I’ve manage to lick that thumbnail cropping issue). Anyway, I did some more drawings over the weekend. I re-did the design of one of the ones I did for this post, so that it’s not so phallic: I also did some new ones, continuing to base them on my “secret” project L___ H_____: I […]

My first thoughts on using charcoal

So over the holiday I got to some drawing. The big thing really was that I started to use charcoal, not a major step but something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. But I started with a simple tonal study, to get my eye and hands back into the swing of it […]