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My new Wacom Bamboo tablet!

October-November of last year, I got a graphics tablet for my birthday; a lovely Wacom Bamboo tablet. And since then I’ve been learning to use it, going through several tutorials, then finding my own way. It’s actually got me loving doing drawing and and making me want to draw and create. (Warning image heavy post […]

My first RPG map

Inspired by fictitious entry’s posts on maps and geomorphs and some of the maps done by Dyson Logos, I decided to try my hand at doing an RPG map. Here it is: There are lots of little mistakes, I should have left more space at the top to do the church more fully and I […]

Final renderings and access to an A3 scanner!

So this is the final rendering of the “Meave” image I asked people to vote on last week. Because there wasn’t a clear consensus, I just mixed the two, some in front, some in back. It’s not perfect. It’s still quite tilted to the right, but I’m happy with it. I also discovered my work […]

The one on the left or the one on the right?

Quick poll, which is better, the picture on the left or the right? If you can’t tell the difference, the one on the left has the crows behind the character while the one on the left in front. (If you can’t see the poll, visit thedeadone.net to vote) Now that I’ve got both images on […]

New Lost Heroes Image: Renegade Chosen Matthew

If you’ve been following me on twitter (or sharing with me on Diaspora), you’ll probably have seen the work-in-progress photos of this image. It took me about 8 hours to do this. I suspect I could have done it in less time if I could have done it in one sitting, but I don’t have […]

Some new art work: Meave and Dead Eyes

When I uploaded the photos from my five-year-old daughter’s digital camera, I found some shots that managed to capture unexpected looks and expressions on people. I was so taken by at least one I decided to work up an image. I was also partly inspired by the character “Meave” that I created in my mind […]

I spent 60 euros on art stuff and did this

I spent 60 euros on refilling my art stuff and I was itching to do some drawing. This was the result. Enjoy: Related Posts:Final renderings and access to an A3 scanner!New Lost Heroes Image: Renegade Chosen MatthewSome new art work: Meave and Dead EyesPlaying with the Lost Heroes RPG: “Book of Gods” CoverSatyrs and Goddesses

I’m back two weeks already? My my my…

Two weeks on and I’m still lacking much motivation. Things are getting up to speed though, shortly my daughter will be going back to school signifying the end of the summer and the routine will dramatically change again and in work, all our customers have returned from their holidays and have started dumping crap on […]

Going on holidays tomorrow! :)

So I’m going on holidays tomorrow, for a goodly period of time (but not too long). Can’t wait to get out of here and stop worrying about the recession, work, weather and everything else for a little bit. I’m looking forward to it, not least because it’s time with my family but also because it’s […]

Playing with the Lost Heroes RPG: “Book of Gods” Cover

I also had the title “An Adventures in Graphic design and Typography!” in my mind when I started putting together this post, but I think that might be a bit melodramatic. If you’re following me on twitter, you’d have seen this image before, but for those that don’t, what do you think? Does it look […]