A more Gothic version of rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock

#halloween   #gothic   #rockpaperscissors   #rockpaperscissorslizardspock  +Uri Kurlianchik asked for suggestions for a more gothic version of rock-paper-scissors. I suggested Death-Love-Necromancer, where Death steals Love, Necromancer beats Dea…

You know, Dungeons and Dragons is not all of the hobby right?

I’ve been an RPG  gamer (I mean Pen and Paper/Tabletop version not computer games)1 for too many years to remember2 and at varying intensities over the years. Right now I have a regular once a week game (online using G+ Hangouts), do a bit of designing and enter lots of nerdy/geek discussions on it. And […]

My first RPG map

Inspired by fictitious entry’s posts on maps and geomorphs and some of the maps done by Dyson Logos, I decided to try my hand at doing an RPG map. Here it is: There are lots of little mistakes, I should have left more space at the top to do the church more fully and I […]

New Lost Heroes Image: Renegade Chosen Matthew

If you’ve been following me on twitter (or sharing with me on Diaspora), you’ll probably have seen the work-in-progress photos of this image. It took me about 8 hours to do this. I suspect I could have done it in less time if I could have done it in one sitting, but I don’t have […]

Review part 1 of my Custom Dice

As part of winning these custom dice, I have to do a review of them. However I haven’t gamed in months, certainly not since I received the dice. So instead I’m doing a “part 1” of the review now, which is, in a sense, a bit weird as it’s my design on the dice! Part […]

My Cthulhu/thedeadone Fudge Dice!

So I won a competition from dicecreator to get my own custom dice, which rocks. So I spent an afternoon working on the design. I’m sure you’ve seen my the Cthulhu-inspired image on the front of this webpage (and it doubles as my twitter icon) but if not, here it is again. I thought this […]

Magic Character add-on idea

While working on the Fudge One Month Adventure Challenge (I’m not going to finish it in time, but that’s not really the point), I had an idea for a RPG magic system. I was thinking about how to put the entire system on a single page for the adventure I’m writing, including a magic system […]

The Big-Pile-Of-Skills problem

I’ve been struggling with a roleplaying-gaming design issue. It’s probably just my own pet-hate. It’s something I call the “Big Pile of Skills” problem. When creating a roleplaying character, there is nearly always a section on “Skills”. Most of the time you can choose any Skill you like and invest points into them. Some systems have some concept of grouping Skills like D&D’s Class system and Riddle of Steel’s Skill Packets. But most of the modern day systems I’ve played just […]

Fudge Passions v0.2 (a extension for the Fudge RPG system)

Continuing on from Story Hooks, this is the second part of item 8 of the L___ H_____ system. Update #1: Fudge Passions by Mark Cunningham is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Fudge Passions v2.0 Fudge Passions was originally conceived as a way to link a character’s emotional state to other parts […]

Story Hooks v0.2 (a roleplaying system to replace backgrounds)

Part 1 of to do item: number 8. Part 2, Fudge Passions, will be online soon. Update #1: Story Hooks by Mark Cunningham is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Story Hooks v2.0 Story Hooks is a system I created to replace the creation and management of players’ characters’ histories (see here […]