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TV and me so far in 2009

What a great weekend for TV: a Dr. Who special and three brand Red Dwarf episodes! Dr. Who was enjoyable and fun, but I was much more excited about the Red Dwarf specials. I can’t wait till Dr. Who starts proper (I think that’s penned in for next year), but the Dr. Who special filled in […]

A little flash fiction for Lost Heroes RPG

While working on Lost Heroes RPG over the Christmas, I wrote this little flash fiction. I was hitting a bit of mental block so I changed tack and wrote something else. I think it works actual, what do you think? He put down the staff beside him and scratched his head. “I don’t know if […]

Laura and the Stalker with the Golden Blade

“Its been a long journey” from Laura’s Blog I know I haven’t posted in ages. I’ve been going through a few things recently and it’s just been too heavy to write so openly about it. This whole year since John’s funeral hasn’t been easy. When he passed away everything went dark in my life. It […]

The Big-Pile-Of-Skills problem

I’ve been struggling with a roleplaying-gaming design issue. It’s probably just my own pet-hate. It’s something I call the “Big Pile of Skills” problem. When creating a roleplaying character, there is nearly always a section on “Skills”. Most of the time you can choose any Skill you like and invest points into them. Some systems have some concept of grouping Skills like D&D’s Class system and Riddle of Steel’s Skill Packets. But most of the modern day systems I’ve played just […]

So if you saw theses pictures in a roleplaying book…

… would you think they look good, assuming of course they are theme appropriate? (Click on them to see in higher resolution). I was trying to figure out if I could do, myself, good or high quality images or at least create something that looks like it is good or high quality. I think I […]

So Vampire High is over and the Dresden Files suck…

Well, lets get specific. What I mean is, I discovered that Vampire High was canned after one season and there is little or no chance of it being started up again. (see my previous post here!) (But it’s not all bad on the vampire front…) And the Dresden Files TV show sucks. I haven’t read […]

A Tale of Cutting the Dead

“He is dead you say?” “No. Alive. He is one of the Quick.” “Alive? You mean dead don’t you?” “Alive.” The Mayor rolled this thought around his head for a moment. “So let me get this straight. He’s dead and…” “No your not listening he’s alive.” “Alive, it’s just preposterous. Doesn’t make sense. But because […]

The Fudge Shop

I never knew the name of the shop. I used to study the flakes of grey letters hanging above the main window as a kid. I fancied it spelled out “Fudge” but it might as well have spelt out “Fridges”. Not that it actually helped identify what the shop sold. Related Posts:A little flash fiction […]

Dont Drink and Drive

A little story about a group of lads who journey out to a unnamed pub for an ultimate night but find something very different. Related Posts:Laura and the Stalker with the Golden BladeA little flash fiction for Lost Heroes RPGA Tale of Cutting the DeadThe End of the WorldA Dreamer In Paris

The Beginning of the Odyssey of Alice

A short story about a girl called Alice who finds herself in a strange school in the land of dreams. Related Posts:Laura and the Stalker with the Golden BladeA Tale of Cutting the DeadThe Fudge ShopDont Drink and DriveA Dreamer In Paris