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Dear Internet, please stop posting spoilers for Battlestar Galatica’s finale!

It’s only being shown over here tomorrow night! That is all. Thank you. Note 1: “Here” = Ireland, watching on Sky 1 (so also includes the UK) Note 2: “Tomorrow” = Tuesday night/24th March 2009 Note 3. Yes I could download via torrent or Usenet, but despite the grey legal issues of downloading TV episodes […]

America’s Next Top Cylon

That should be *Canada’s* Next Top *Model*, actually! Battlestar Galaticia’s latest season had just finished on Sky One a week ago when my wife informed me that Canada’s Next Top Model was showing on Living TV. Yes, I admit it. I’ve watched America’s Next Top Model. I mean, its a series about beautiful girls wanting […]

So Vampire High is over and the Dresden Files suck…

Well, lets get specific. What I mean is, I discovered that Vampire High was canned after one season and there is little or no chance of it being started up again. (see my previous post here!) (But it’s not all bad on the vampire front…) And the Dresden Files TV show sucks. I haven’t read […]

You know when you’re a geek if…

I overheard a neighbouring cubicle worker talking about boys names for their new baby with someone else. “We were thinking of Balthazar.” I pipe in with: “Wow. That’s a great geek name.” “Geek?” “You know, Baltar, from Battlestar Galacticia… the human with the cylons…” “Eh, no. Balthazar was one of the wise kings.” Doh! Apparently Balthazar, which sounds very similar to “Baltar” which is the […]