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TV and me so far in 2009

What a great weekend for TV: a Dr. Who special and three brand Red Dwarf episodes! Dr. Who was enjoyable and fun, but I was much more excited about the Red Dwarf specials. I can’t wait till Dr. Who starts proper (I think that’s penned in for next year), but the Dr. Who special filled in […]

Dear Internet, please stop posting spoilers for Battlestar Galatica’s finale!

It’s only being shown over here tomorrow night! That is all. Thank you. Note 1: “Here” = Ireland, watching on Sky 1 (so also includes the UK) Note 2: “Tomorrow” = Tuesday night/24th March 2009 Note 3. Yes I could download via torrent or Usenet, but despite the grey legal issues of downloading TV episodes […]

Energy levels down, normal service will resume later

I don’t particularly won’t to post to complain about being sick. I’m not bad or in a dangerous condition, but I’ve been hit by a continual stream of colds, flus and infections this winter. I’m genuinely frustrated by it and it’s been the whole family, not just me. This recent one I got from my […]

Who plays Licensed RPGs?

I rarely consider RPGs based on novels, movies and TV shows at all. I mean, I was a big Star Wars fan and Lord of the Rings fan when I started out in roleplaying (well over 15 years now I’d say) but I wouldn’t touch any RPG based on those settings at the time. Inspired […]

Funny: saw this blurb on “Zone Horror” last night!

So there I was scrolling through the TV listings and I saw “Howling: New Moon Rising” on Zone Horror. I thought interesting title, maybe some sort of really bad werewolf movie… so I pulled up the blurb on the show and I discovered that it… wait for it… Related Posts:My daughter wants to be a […]

Apparent quality versus addictiveness of a series

Saw this post from cartographer, where she talks about spoilers and how she is getting more interested in good writing than: trawl through hours of quite-good just for the big reveal at the end (I know it’s nearly month ago, but I’m only catching up on some posts now). Of course, she’s talking about Harry Potter, a series I’ve yet to go near. I thought I was just being […]

So Vampire High is over and the Dresden Files suck…

Well, lets get specific. What I mean is, I discovered that Vampire High was canned after one season and there is little or no chance of it being started up again. (see my previous post here!) (But it’s not all bad on the vampire front…) And the Dresden Files TV show sucks. I haven’t read […]