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The value of presentation continued

My last post was provocatively titled “Fuck content, it’s how it’s presented that matters”. Good conversation occurred in the comments. But to summarise Rob Lang (of thefreerpgblog) pretty much hit the nail firmly on (or at least around) the head: I _think_ you’re not complaining about your own “exposure” but instead feeling the pain for […]

Fuck content, it’s how it’s presented that matters

Last Saturday we had to spend the day in the city. My daughter was doing her first (and probably her last, she doesn’t want to continue) ballet show and rehearsals were in the morning and the show itself after lunch. So, me, my wife and my three year old son wandered Dublin city for a […]

My Three Axioms of Not Being a Dick that Discriminates

I’m sure most internet geeks have heard of Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t Be a Dick!” - I’d love to think it’s that easy. However life is much more nuanced than that. People can be asses without even realising it. And so we can all discriminate, not even stopping think we’re being a dick and worse then […]

My thoughts on the new Doctor Who Episode (S06E01)

Damnit! I wish I had read some spoilers because then I would have waited till the second episode next week. And then watched the two in a row. If you’re reading this, expect spoilers, you have been warned. Related Posts:Animal Crossing New Leaf Dalek Dress PatternTardis Translation Error, a little reason why I love Doctor […]

Look, being a parent is not what you expect or think it is

This article entered my media stream a little while ago and it may surprise you, it annoyed me. I was surprised when I read the comments on the post how people were affected by the post and how they felt it was so true. The article gives off about a scene the blogger witnessed: As […]

Roleplaying Design versus Facebook versus Twitter versus Buzz, eh?

For some reason I was thinking about the differences between Facebook and Twitter but within the scope of designing a roleplaying game. Yea, odd connections I know. That’s how my brain works and why I’m pretty much a scatter brain about things. When designing or modifying a roleplaying system (for pen-and-paper here like DnD, not […]

What if I could quantum leap back?

Back when I was wee, there was a TV show called Quantum Leap. Quantum Leap was about a Scientist named Sam Beckett who got caught in a botched experiment and ended up “leaping” into people in the past (but within his lifetime) and changing and improving their lives. Putting aside the whole “higher power” thingy […]

Why do Geeks seem to “hate” the things they love?

I only offer one possible explanation (there may be others) but this one certainly applies to me. By trade, I’m a Software Engineer and, as my project leader said “you’re being paid to be pedantic.” This is quite true: I have to be pedantic, because that thing that fucks up shit at some point in […]

Some of my thoughts on the Irish Scenario-Con question

There is an interesting discussion going on right now over on the igaming mailing list (and cross-posted to LiveJournal), but one I’ve consciously chosen not to comment on. The people involved have much bigger stakes in it than I ever have and I’ve had my share of being on the virtual battleground but I have […]

Last day of 2008

I only a few minutes to blog today, on the last day of 2008. I may not even get to finish this post, depending on when my son wakes up from his nap. I don’t have a checklist or wishlist of things I had planned to do this year. Nor do I intend to do […]